Artist Statement

I work primarily in the printmaking technique of monotypes and the painting medium of encaustic (pigmented wax). Other work involves collage, mixed media and fused glass.
In my work I am inspired by the unique qualities of nature and the environment utilizing the interplay of congruent and disparate relationships. Patterns and images from various states of nature and science always draw my attention.

Working for many years creating monotypes, a painterly approach to creating one of a kind prints, I began to incorporate collage, drawing, and mixed media. My encaustic work is a direct outgrowth from this experience in monotype. I use the wax not as an adhesive but an integral element, giving it a layered and emotional quality. Incorporating various printed images, marks and objects into the wax is always an adventureous process.

My recent work with portraiture developed from old self portrait photographs. Not being a photographer, but wanting to use these images in my work, I was hesitant in revealing and showing my true identity. I decided to pursue the image in a more universal manner.

Obscuring the details of my features gave me the confidence needed to pursue this new direction. Throughout the process issues of identity and privacy ran through my mind. References to science fiction, old black and white movies and photography, and the concept of privacy on the Iternet eventually found their way into these works.

My work develops through layering and the transparent qualities of the materials.

I was recently awarded a 3-month Artist in Residency, at Bullseye Glass Resource Center in NY, where I had the opportunity to learn about and develop my imagery in fused glass.